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Gmod Free for PC

Gmod – No limits

A game with no limits – unless it’s those you set with your imagination. Gmod is the ultimate sandbox game. There are no winners and losers because there are no objectives! If you can build it, you can play it. There are virtually no restrictions on the items you can create and manipulate – furniture, vehicles, buildings, weapons.

You can be a part of this one of a kind gaming experience without lightening your pockets by downloading Gmod free of cost from our site! Gmod Free is based on Garry’s Mod (Garry Newman’s pet project of global fame). We love this game so much we wanted everyone to have it for free and so began a tireless journey of day-night coding to bring you into the Gmod world with virtually no limits: no pay, just play.

Gmod isn’t your run of the mill regular video game – it’s a lean, mean building machine. The lack of predefined goals or objectives gives you complete control to create your own contraptions. For example, if you create a weapon you can make your very own dummy to test it out on! And not just that you can make ragdolls and pose them however you like for YouTube and other video sites.

In short, Gmod is all about physics and fun! But don’t worry if you’re not great at building stuff. Gmod is addictively fun and with no pressure to bash up people (or bubbles, candy, fruit) you can just loosen up and entertain yourself by flexing your imagination.

How to get going with Gmod Free

Get started by downloading Gmod Free right here[M1] . Once the game is up and running you will find yourself in a serene landscape. The tips below will get you started and the rest is all up to you!

  • Check your graphics settings. There is always a trade-off between graphics quality and game speed. Choose what you are comfortable with and what works with your internet speed and computer specs.
  • The controls can be a bit confusing for a newbie so here’s a list of defaults:
W-A-S-D Move around
Moving the mouse Check out the landscape
Left mouse button Fire! As in, fire a weapon
Right mouse button Functions according to the current weapon/tool
R Reload weapon OR various tool actions
Q Spawn Menu
V “No-Clip”. Fly fly away
Left shift key Move faster
F Flashlight

What can you do in Gmod?

Gmod Free is all about create (or destroy). You can use tools to spawn/create objects and weld them together. Here are some of the tools at your disposal:

  • The Physics Gun:

Allows you to pick up objects, adjust them and put them in place.

  • The Weld Tool:

Allows you to join objects together.

  • The Tool Gun:

A multi-purpose tool through which you can group objects together, create winches and wheels to control, make interactive buttons and much much more.

That’s not all. You can download and edit content that other users have created for Garry’s Mod.

Can you play Gmod with friends?

Gmod is all about fun and you can’t have fun all the time without friends! . If you’re done with “me-time” connect with your buddies for some online build and smash. Gmod Free is available in both single and multiplayer modes thanks to a loophole in the original game which allows us to bypass the authentication process.

You and your friends can work on cooperative building projects or team up as a hunting band and go shoot yourself some dinos. The best part is if you use a multiplayer server you can get access to all kinds of original game modes created by other players. These can include creative maps, props or characters. So don’t worry if your zombie isn’t realistic enough, you can download and use the one you find scariest! The fun doesn’t end there. You can spend hours figuring out the best weapon to beat up on your zombie. Or use Gmod’s “no-clip” mode to fly around in zero-gravity mode.

We advise newbies to get started with single player mode so that you can get used to the various tools and the building environment. Once you have a handle on how to get around in Gmod you can test out your skills in multiplayer mode. Remember, not all the multiplayer gaming sessions will be friendly cooperative ones. If you feel up to it you can put yourself out there and compete with other online players. That’s the freedom of Gmod – you can choose a game mode to suit your mood.

What’s so great about Gmod?

There’s something for everyone in Gmod. Don’t want to build? Go hunt terrorists in the dessert. Make an octagonal football field and re-invent the game. Experiment on the best way to knock over a 50 storey building without messing with the ones next to it. You can practically design your own version of Angry Birds! That’s the best part about having no rules… you can play without them or make them up as you go along and share it all with your friends!

Let’s talk about characters (Ragdoll Posing and Face Posing). Some use Gmod to build impossible, gravity-defying structures, others like to create games. One of the most creative aspects of Gmod, rapidly getting popular around the globe, is virtual photography. Gmod allows you to create ragdolls which you can position any way you like and make them have any possible expression you can think of. This means you can create amazingly surreal screenshots depicting actions that are probably not possible during regular game play.

How can you get Gmod support online?

The vast and wide Gmod community of real-time players is out there to support you. You can share your experiences, ask for help and best of all have access to all kinds of useful downloadable content. No need to reinvent the wheel! Newbies can get one-up through cheat sheets, tips and tricks, gaming techniques, building tutorials for all kinds of props and game modes. These can include anything from a dessert race to a thrilling detective/mystery game.

Gmod players can also benefit from Steam Community workshops with loads of downloadable content like maps and contraptions for Garry’s Mod which will all work with Gmod Free. You also take advantage of the Steam Community to level up on your skills, whether building, fighting or planning.

What can you do with Gmod Add-ons?

Just to give you an idea of what’s in store for you here’s a list of some of the most popular Gmod Add-ons:

  • Portal Gun

It is an almost exact replica of the gun that players use in Portal, but you don’t need to be a Portal player to use it in Gmod.

  • GTA V Cars

This is everyone’s favorite and features some real fancy wheels which you can blow up or race depending on how your day’s been like!

  • Big Boss

It is very popular with the Metal Gear fans. This add-on allows Gmod players to create their own Metal Gear adventures. Talk about best of both worlds!

  • Zer0 Assassin

With customized color schemes and the slicing/dicing swords from the original games.

  • The Joker from Arkham Origins

For all the D.C. Comics fans out there, the developer of this add-on has brought a host of different characters together in one Gmod scene.

  • Batman Beyond

Where there’s joker Batman follows! The Dark Knight can be yours complete with glowing eyes and bat logo in this player model add-on.

  • Kenny

A must-have for all South Park fans, the slightly off quality of the texture is compensated by the realistic resemblance to the original cartoon.

  • Body and Loot Bags from Payday2

If you’re into murder and mayhem you need these totally legit body and loot bags for all your action scenes.

  • Ak-47 Redline

No add-on list can be complete without a weapon and the Redline is the Big Boss of guns.

How come Gmod updates and add-ons are free?

Garry’s Mod has been around for over a decade and fans still can’t get enough. Arguably one of the best features of the game is the free updates and add-ons. The developers manage to keep the updates free of cost through individual contributions from the team and other donors.

The community sharing allows players to go shopping online for content without having to spend a single penny. If you join the ranks of the millions of global players you can also contribute and help keep the ball rolling. We promise, you will get a real kick out of seeing your Gmod “invention” out there being used by hundreds of other players.

We need your support to keep Gmod Free. Everyone is welcome to donate as much or as little as they want. There is no limit, upper or lower, on how much you want to give and every penny is appreciated. 

What are the system requirements for Gmod Free?

We recommend that you follow the guidelines below to get the best out of Gmod:

Minimum Requirements:

CPU Info
CPU Speed 1.7 GHz Processor
RAM 512 MB
OS Windows Vista/XP/2000/7
Video Card DirectX 8.1 level Graphics Card (Requires support for SSE
Sound Card Yes
Free Disk Space 150 MB

Recommended Requirements:

CPU Pentium 4 processor (3.0 GHz or better)
CPU Speed Info
OS Windows Vista/XP/2000/7
Video Card DirectX 9 level Graphics Card
Sound Card Yes
Free Disk Space 150 MB

Have Your Say

We welcome your feedback and believe that the survival of Gmod Free depends on communication. We would love for you to tell us what we can do to make Gmod better and take over the gaming world. Please feel free to send us your suggestions and ideas and by free, we mean as free as the environments you can create in Gmod!