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Game Info:

Flix and chill by Jason Lovett is an interactive dating simulation game where your options identify your fate. This game, similar to other on-line games, is usable on both the web and also using a native app offered on the Google Play and also Application stores.


Jason met a girl on a dating app.

Now Jason’s meeting her in person.

The choices you make and the chances you take determine his fate.


Flix and Chill is an experience game that imitates how a first date can go based on what you do.

Though the graphics can be improved to make the experience much better, Flix and Chill reveals its actual strength in its branching stories and the all-too-real dating discussion and situation that every man can connect to (sorry girls, this video game is a dating simluation based on a guy’s experience).

Much like actual dating, you will be scratching your head attempting to read your day’s mind. Should I be perseverance? Should I make an action currently? Flix and Chill shows these scenario well and the outcome will depend upon what you do.

When your day claims “Yea, I’m just. I have some laundry to do.”, you recognize your day isn’t going all that well … Exists a means to recover it? Well, you need to play the video game to learn!

In general, Flix and Chill is a charming and also charming dating simulation that will certainly give you some laughs as you begin to contrast your very first day to the game. It seems I have much to pick up from this game as I got dump two times straight!