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Grow Island

Now, your world depends on your choice. How do you make it beautiful and prosperous in Grow Island of yepi100 games ? You have to follow the correct order of things which will lead to a happy society where men and women get along, the environment is protected and technology is harnessed to discover the secrets of the universe at friv5.

See, there are 8 items for you to take advantage to grow the island, they are: electrical engineering, computer science, civil engineering, applied chemistry, aeronautics/marine/automotive engineering, architecture, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering. Each item has its particular function. In that game of juegos yepi , the order in which you click on items to build the island, will affect the result of the game. Your action will lead to 2 different worlds: the traditional world, and the UFO world.

In yepi games online, in order to get there through, you have to try out and fail to find that correct order, then, you witness rejection, deforestation, volcanic disaster and broken beakers. Success means uncovering an increasingly delightful series of animations and evolutions.

This intelligent game requires logical thinking, so you must plan the right and smart strategy. If you are keen on “grow”-series games I suggest that you should try this free game at

Are you ready to immerse into the dreamy island with your sweetheart? Join in 3D graphical online game to have fun at Yepi 100. Besides, you can discover other similar games as Physics Drop

How to play: choose the items by clicking or tapping on them.